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Politique de la qualité

ADIMAC S.r.l. is a young and dynamic company, which operates in the sector of vending machines. In order to be a « quality » company, Adimac wants to reaffirm its key values and concentrate its forces to pursuit the following objectives:

  • Manufacture reliable machines with strengthened quality.
  • Customize the machines according to the customers’ needs and requests.
  • Quickly deliver the orders maintaining in stock a good availability of semi-finished components ready to be assembled or supplied as spare parts.
  • Give to the customer prompt answers.
  • Research and maintain a continuous improvement of performance and products.
  • Respect the current law for the product and for company activities.

In order to reach the a.m. objectives, Adimac proposes to:

  • Ensure and improve the traceability of its activities.
  • Operate in its internal organization defining tasks and responsibilities to pursue the continuous improvement of its structure.
  • Factilitate the people growth, keys and motors of a correct work organization.
  • Pursue the satisfaction of each Adimac’s customer.
  • Search new technologic solutions to answer to the market’s needs.

In order to make continuous improvements (as essential key to permit to Adimac to maintain its competitiveness in a such aggressive sector like the vending one), this policy will be revised during the annual re-examination by the direction and will be divulged and exposed in the bulletin board of the company and to all the people collaborating with the company. This policy will be available to the public through the company website.